alexis fishman: singer, actress, expatriate

Alexis Fishman Australian Singer New York Sydneywho: Alexis Fishman

where: I’m from Sydney, Australia, but I recently moved back to New York.

what: Actress/Singer

why: I’ve never wanted to do anything else. Performing makes me happy. I like that my occupation has the power to affect, change and move people.

how: Trust in myself and an awesome mother and father.

anything you’d like to brag about? I won the 2006 helpmann award nomination for my role in ‘Dusty’ a musical about singer Dusty Springfield. It was my first job out of drama school. I’m also proud of travelling to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2007 to entertain Australian and Coalition troops.

what are you working now? An untitled one-woman show that will premiere at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival next year in Australia. Set before the outbreak of WW2, it’s the story of a Jewish chanteuse and her Berlin cabaret act.

To find out more about Alexis, visit her website.

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3 thoughts on “alexis fishman: singer, actress, expatriate

  1. Llama Duck

    I once saw lex perform with an attention stick and some sprizzles. She made a pickle look like an ubud, which is pretty amazing considering the difficulties of getting a ramen these days ?!?

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