tracey neuls: revisited

Tracey Neuls Nicola Yeomans Pencils

Yesterday was book-ended by shoes. The morning kicked off with a bloggers breakfast for mou (stay tuned). I spent the evening on Marylebone Lane hanging out at Tracey Neuls, where I tried on boots, drank a few glasses of wine, took a load of photos, and generally annoyed Matt and Jane – Tracey’s ultra-cool employees. If you haven’t visited this shop yet, you must. Trust me.

tracey neuls kate mcauley boots

vain, much? what do you think of my boots?

tracey neuls matt jane

the lovely jane and matt. and my elbow. and petra.

tracey neuls stockings nicola yeoman

legs eleven. i mean, eight. never was good at numbers.

tracey neuls petra storrs

set designer petra storrs: cool and coy.

tracey neuls ken doll

how you doin'?

tracey neuls matt kate mcauley

matt under duress and me causing it.

tracey neuls nicola yeomans

plastic cobblers' moulds = installation art.

tracey neuls water colours

someone's been painting their own crimbo cards, but i'm not naming names.

tracey neuls jane

jane = awesome.

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