maia krall fry: actor, director, sixth former

who: Maia Krall Fry

where: London

what: Actor, director, and in sixth form at school.

why: Film directing is something that only really started for me over the last year, and only during summer 2009 did I really gain considerable realistic interest in the industry. I think I was captured by the creative freedom of directing combined with all the technicalities, and the sheer enjoyment and excitement of being able to explore another character.

how: I’m the only one in my family who has ever gone into this field of interest, so it was never direct parental influence. Many of my family members, however, are very creative and have always taught me to trust my vision and I guess that’s what really inspired me to try acting and later, directing. We still have a long journey ahead of us with the projects I am working on, including Ebony Road, and some of the challenges we have had to overcome have been difficult. When you have so much going on it can be easy to lose yourself in everything, so I’ve always made sure to enjoy every experience. The main motivation for directing, in my eyes, has to be personal enjoyment. Of course you want to tell a story you feel very strongly about, but you have to enjoy the process of bringing that story to audiences.

Film poster for Ebony Road.

anything you’d like to brag about? I think if I dared brag, someone I know somewhere would hunt me down and pound on me. Most probably not a good idea. I can brag about others though, right? I am so incredibly happy for all the recent successes the actors in Ebony Road have been having. My friends and I sit around waiting for them to appear in turn on TV. It’s bizarre saying that, but when you know just how much an actor has put into one of your projects, it’s just awesome to see them succeeding, and several of them have some big projects coming up. It’s the same with the film, when someone says something kind about it all, of course it makes you so happy! You know, when you’ve put in quite so much of your time and energy into something, it eventually does become a part of you.

Maia on camera for Ebony Road.

What are you working on right now? I am currently directing a film with Sebastian Dennis-Beron on behalf of Steel Mill Pictures and the Hepatitis C Trust, which will premiere on the 6 December at the London BAFTA cinema. We are really aiming to change the perceptions of Hepatitis C, and also to help raise awareness of it. Hep C may affect as many as half a million people in the UK alone, but 80% of those sufferers are unaware they have it. That’s a scary statistic, and if we can help only one person by encouraging them to get tested everyone’s efforts will have been worth it. Ebony Road is currently in post production, due for a January release. The Accidental Existence of Me by Riyadh Haque, a feature I filmed over the summer, will be released next year, alongside Salt by Maria Lloyd. We’re heading to Poland to film and I am very much looking forward to being back on set.

Where can we find out more about you? I’m on twitter and have a website.

All images are courtesy of Maia Krall Fry.

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      Hi there. Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure it’s been released for sale yet. If you contact Maia, I’m sure she’ll reply to you. Good luck!

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