doc martens = a sartorial dilemma

If you wore a trend the first time, shun it the next. It’s an old fashion adage that I generally adhere to. You won’t catch me in stone-washed denim, ra-ra skirts or fingerless lace gloves. But, when it comes to my trusty Doc Martens, I’m at a style crossroads. What I need is a pro/con list. So, here goes…

pro: It’s good for the environment. I’ve had these babies for more than 10 years. Who needs new boots when these ones are still functional? Ok, there’s no way I’m going to answer that.

con: The other half hates them. In fact, I told him I’d donated them to charity before our last move, but I fished them out at the eleventh hour. So, I’d have some explaining to do.

pro: They make me feel both happy and sentimental. Back when I was living in Australia, I convinced a friend to buy them for me when she visited London. Sure, the friend is the ex-wife of my ex, but so what?

con: I fear I’ll be mutton dressed up as my friend’s 15-year old daughter. She had a pair of red ones on the other day, styled with black skinnies and a vintage military jacket. I fell a little bit in love.

You know what? I’m going to wear them around the house a little bit to see how I feel. If it goes well, I might spash out on some shoelaces (ribbons, maybe?) and debut them at Starbucks. Nothing like my clodhopping babysteps. How brave.

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