this is about georgie pincus, not stella mccartney

Georgie Pincus and friend in the pop-up shop.

It goes against my remit to talk about celebrity-by-birth Stella McCartney, though I will take a moment to express my love for her clothes (I make the rules, ok?). I am, however, on very comfortable ground when it comes to stylist Georgie Pincus. And, for this post, I can’t talk about the latter without mentioning the former.

I had one of those days on Wednesday. The sky was blue. The indomitable Jo Payton was by my side. And we were booked solid on a head-to-toe fashion frenzy that took us from New Look on Oxford Street to the Wentworth Golf Club in Surrey and back to the city again for more press day high jinks. I actually ended up traipsing around the back streets of Shoreditch late into the evening in search of the Tracey Neuls sample sale, but that’s a different, much lonelier story…

Anyway, the undeniable highlight was the afternoon I spent out in the Home Counties, supping on a glass of dry white, pushing vegan food around my plate and getting myself all hot and bothered over Stella’s AW10 collection. It’s a little over-the-top to call the event an out-of-body experience, but I did have a glow on thanks to Georgie and her…um…stellar relationship with Stella. The show was first rate and the pop-up shop did more than just tempt credit cards from wallets. (I’m not going to wax lyrical about the clothes, but if you want to know more, pay a visit to the Fashion Detective).

I love it how the fash pack have embraced collaborations – from H&M and Lanvin et al, to Georgie and her relationships with Stella, Matches and jeans queen Donna Ida (who I was lucky enough to be seated next to, but once again, that’s a story for another day). The result is always so much more than the sum of its parts.

This is not about Stella. This is about cupcakes.

The pop-up shop in all it's sparkly wonder.

Love. Period.

This is not about Stella. This is

About Georgie Pincus: Georgie has been a involved in the fashion industry for more than 17 years. Her company StyleU hosts trunk parties (an innovative way to shop for designer clothes), provides personal shopping services, and performs wardrobe makeovers. To find out more, visit the StyleU website.

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