street art makes me freaky

I had an unexpected day out in Notting Hill today. I met a Japanese designer visiting from Venice in the morning then prowled around the Portobello Road armed with my camera. I wasn’t alone. There were tonnes of tourists about – snapping the usual. I did get more than one strange look for taking picutres of the street and walls rather than the obligatory road signs and trinket stalls. Ah well. I’m sure you understand.

tracey neuls: revisited

Yesterday was book-ended by shoes. The morning kicked off with a bloggers breakfast for mou (stay tuned). I spent the evening on Marylebone Lane hanging out at Tracey Neuls, where I tried on boots, drank a few glasses of wine, took a load of photos, and generally annoyed Matt and Jane – Tracey’s ultra-cool employees. If you haven’t visited this shop yet, you must. Trust me.

this is about georgie pincus, not stella mccartney

It goes against my remit to talk about celebrity-by-birth Stella McCartney, though I will take a moment to express my love for her clothes (I make the rules, ok?). I am, however, on very comfortable ground when it comes to stylist Georgie Pincus. And, for this post at least, I can’t talk about the latter without mentioning the former.