nadia ackerman: singer, songwriter and artist

The multi-talented Nadia Ackerman. Photography: Marvin Joseph

who: Nadia Ackerman

where: I live in New York now, though I was born in Melbourne (Australia) to Africaans parents and I grew up in Sydney.

what: I am a singer/songwriter and an artist. I create things in my head both visually and aurally.

why: I did not choose this, it chose me. There is nothing else in life that I want to do. There has never been anything else in life that I have wanted to do. There has never been or will be a plan B.

how: Ummm…How long have you got? How? Well,I just started singing. I found a singing teacher in Sydney when I was 15 and that was the end of it really…or shall we say the beginning of it. I have never been one to sit around. I have taken on every opportunity that has come my way. I have worked really hard and continue to do so. Every time I go to write or sing I act as if it is my first time.

anything you’d like to brag about? I think it would have to be singing at Carnegie Hall with the likes of Sting, James Taylor, Elton John, Shirely Bassey, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz, Blondie, and Mary J Blige. Recently, I also became the singing voice for the new UPS Worldwide Campaign “That’s Logistics”.

Nadia: the voice of UPS

what are you working on right now? Books, three Records, greeting cards, gift wrap, upcoming shows and designing my new website.

The title song from The Circus is Back in Town. Available on iTunes worldwide.

want to know more about Nadia? She’d love it if you joined her Facebook group, watched her on YouTube, followed her on Twitter and visited her website (even though it’s currently getting a make over).

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17 thoughts on “nadia ackerman: singer, songwriter and artist

  1. Martin Freeman

    Thank you for posting this. I have just been introduced to Nadia’s music through the UPS commercial. She seems like such a great person. I LOVE her voice. I bought the CD on itunes. It’s GREAT.

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    1. Ian

      yep – that’s the real reason UPS chose her. their ad execs and marketing teams got together and said, “hey, here’s a great idea: let’s build an ad campaign for our multi-billion-dollar global corporation around the worst voice…EV-ER! it’s just good business!”

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  10. Michael Evans

    Just heard this girl on the UPS commercial. Googled her name. Found this blog and many other pages. I am really impressed. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to getting her albums on itunes. Dennis T who thinks she sounds like a sixth hack needs to have his ears checked.

  11. Greg Burnham

    I love her voice, has a sweet inocents about it. Best wishes for this young lady & her musical career. And I agree with Michael Evans, Dennis T. should get his ears checked.

  12. Barry Blacker


    I had the pleasure of you seeing your performance with Robbie Dupree at the Iridium on Friday night 11/2. I stayed for both shows since Robbie and the band have evolved and a full house showed the talent that we all have enjoyed for decades. You and Gabriel added to the band great vocals and smiles! I have a 7+ year friendship with Robbie and his performance, his humor, and the band playing the best to the audience is very special!

    The haters such as Mr. Dennis or Ian have no clue in this thread about what music and marketing are about. As a business man you also added to a UPS ad levity and a smile…not serious and fun. We do millions with UPS and you explain Logistics and what they do best!
    Thanks for being you!
    Barry B

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